Contested Family Law Matters: 

Preventative & Protective Family Law Issues: 
• Post-Marital Agreements
• Cohabitation Agreements
• Custody Agreements

Family Creation:
• Gestational Agreements
• Surrogacy Agreements
• Step-Parent Adoption
We formed The Law Office of Perkins and Janis, P.C. with one purpose in mind: 
To provide personal legal services with the focus on the client, you. This is our career but you or your family must deal with the long term results of every solution or verdict. So, we practice a little differently than many others. Perkins & Janis focuses on helping you, the client, understand the options and possible outcomes in your case and then set, and achieve, realistic goals. The process is always a team effort. We provide personal service with straight-forward evaluations and recommendations. From there, we assist you in reaching your goals through creative solutions, tailored negotiations, and if necessary, aggressive representation in court.

Family law is a very personal area of law to practice. As Family Law Attorneys in San Antonio, Texas, we have the unique opportunity to assist people in creating and becoming a family and crafting solutions that will provide the best possible scenario for raising children in the event of a divorce. For others, we provide assertive and thorough legal representation to ensure that your rights as a spouse or parent are fully protected. Often, your worst fear or what you view as one of your greatest failures is what brings you into our office. We combine a sensitive environment with objective guidance to help you through what is often a difficult period in your life.

We are proud to provide legal counsel on family law , child custody , prenuptial agreement , child support , father's rights , adoption , divorce , restraining orders and more. If you need help finding a solution or winning an argument, we are ready to help.
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